Build Your Saas Artwork

Build Your SaaS

In a bit of a meta podcast – this podcast is about starting a company to host podcasts for other businesses.

The Business Advisor

In discussions about how to recreate the creativity of the printed magazine, we focused in on readability of the content. With interviews, sponsored content, educational research, videos, ads, and more content types potentially added in the future, it was important to build a strong foundation and keep things simple and clean. We incorporated the visual elements and colour styles from the print magazine, all the while keeping the text uncluttered and easy to track whether on a large desktop monitor or a smaller mobile device.

Ron Brown Implements

When your business is selling semi-trucks and the trailers to match, you need a website that allows you to easily add or remove inventory without having to deal with HTML code and headache inducing galleries of images.

CodePen Radio

CodePen Radio

CodePen Radio is a cool show that exposes all the fun and frustrations of running an online web business.

Blue Mountain Refresh

Lemon Productions worked together with the staff at Blue Mountain to create a site that shows the fun, excitement, and adventure you can have when you plan your next visit to Blue Mountain Adventure Park.

Hillcrest Place Apartments

With an apartment building that’s been fully renovated – taken down to the original frame work even – Hillcrest Place Apartments needed a a website to show off the amazing interiors as well as the beautiful views and exteriors of their apartment buildings in Kitimat, British Columbia.

ShopTalk Show

Producing episodes of The ShopTalk Show is a lot of fun because Chris and Dave have so much fun recording their popular web design/development podcast.

The @atU2 Podcast

You may want to argue whether U2 is the greatest band of the last 100 years or the greatest band of all time, but you can’t argue about whether The @U2 Podcast has an amazing worldwide audience of U2 fans that tune in each week to live stream broadcasts or download the episodes later.

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These Things I Love

Redesigning a popular site like Megan’s – formerly The Gluten Free Vegan – is an interesting challenge because we didn’t want to alienate existing readers while still attracting new subscribers to the broader focus of her new brand.