Todd Libby

He makes my podcast sound just as great as the others and I couldn't be more pleased with the work Chris does and highly recommend anyone with a podcast to hire Chris. Top-notch audio work!
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Jason Lengstorf

Chris allows me to keep Learn With Jason going by handling all the editing and promo generation. I don't have to think about it — it's just done. It makes staying consistent almost automatic.
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Amanda Setili

When I first started podcasting, there were so many unknowns. Chris helped me figure out how to manage the process, and what technologies to use. He was indispensable.
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Wes Bos

Chris does an awesome job of editing our podcast three times a week, he’s not just an audio guy he understands the tech as well as the whole process around publishing a podcast.
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Adam Elmore

Adam Elmore
Chris is a wealth of knowledge and a joy to work with. I don’t have to think about post-production anymore and I enjoy podcasting so much more since I started working with him.
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John Papa

John Papa
The best ability is reliability. That's what Chris brings to our Web Rush podcast. I never have to worry about the edits being done properly, publishing on time, or the quality of the work. Highly recommended!
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