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Anker C200 2K Webcam Review

Over on my YouTube channel I had the opportunity to review Anker's PowerConf C200 2K webcam. I decided to compare it to the current Logitech C920 and iPhone 13 Pro / Camo cameras that I use for videos and live streaming and see how they compare.

Congratulations on 500 Episodes for ShopTalk Show

Dave and Chris have been publishing ShopTalk Show for roughly 10 years. And they just rolled over episode 500 which is worth at least a few milkshakes in celebration. As I’ve written about many times, Chris & Dave were my…

Comparing Descript vs Izotope RX for Plosive Fixing

Comparing Descript vs Izotope RX Plosive Removal

I recorded a (very) quick comparison of how well Descript’s Studio Sound feature works compared to Izotope’s RX suite for Plosive repair for podcasters or YouTube video creators. Video Direct link to video Want More Tutorials Like This? If you’ve…