Using Descript to Improve Sound and Fix Eyes Looking Down at a Teleprompter

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I was watching a video by a local politician and it bothered me that there were no captions with the video. And then I noticed he kept looking down at a teleprompter or script for a lot of the recording. I want to show a possible fix for both those issues using one tool: Descript!

In the tutorial above, I discuss the importance of video accessibility features, such as captions, for both hard-of-hearing viewers and the general audience. I highlight issues like the lack of eye contact with the camera while reading from a teleprompter and offer a solution using Descript, a tool for editing audio and video. In addition, I show how Descript can help improve audio quality by reducing room noise using it’s Studio Sound feature. I also demonstrate how to use Descript’s text transcription and AI generated social media posts.

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