About Lemon Productions

Lemon Productions is a podcast studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan run by me – Chris Enns. Helping individuals and businesses get off the ground and onto the web is what drives me and why I love running my own business.

I published my first podcast in 2009 and with 2,000+ podcast episodes produced, recorded, edited, and published into the world since then, I’m just as excited about podcasting as when I started.

I love building getting to work in audio & video with clients. It’s come full circle to what I had hoped to do when I started Lemon Productions in 2006.

Where You Can Find Me Online

I’m most active on my personal Twitter account, @iChris, but you can also find me @LemonProduction.

I post to Instagram @LemonPodcasting, live stream on my Twitch channel, and have a YouTube channel full of Mac audio tips and tricks with over 1,000 subscribers.

I also write a weekly newsletter called Life as a Lemon.

Who I Work For

When you’re hiring Chris & Lemon Productions, it’s kind of like you’re hiring a team of 5. I don’t usually bring all of them to meetings, let my daughter write proposals, or let my boys edit podcasts – but helping you succeed in whatever you’ve hired me to do means I get to transfer that success back to my family.

By choosing to work with me, you’re supporting a Saskatoon family. And we thank you for that.