Lemon Productions is a web and new media development studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Helping individuals and businesses get off the ground and onto the web is what drives Lemon Productions.

With the variety of tools and options available online, hiring Lemon Productions to consult on your next online project can save you time and frustration.

Chris Enns, Owner

I’ve been working on the web for over 15 years – from helping maintain The University of Saskatchewan’s Computer Store website in an early job to helping clients get their businesses on the web over the last 5 years of running Lemon Productions full time.

I love working with people who have an idea of what they want to do but aren’t sure how best to get there. Whether it’s a small website for quick promotion of an event or sale, recording demo videos for YouTube advertising, helping run an email marketing campaign, or recording and producing a podcast with you I’d love to hear how I can help you get your idea out of your brain and onto the web.

If you really want to get to know the guy behind the Lemon, read my blog, listen to some podcasts I produce or get in touch with me and meet for coffee.

My Family

This is a family business. My kids won’t be the ones responding to emails (yet?) but my kids and my wife of 17 years support me and give me the desire to help my clients in the best ways possible:

  • With integrity: So I can look them in the eyes at the end of a day knowing I was honest and did my best.
  • With efficiency: Getting projects done well and on time for you means I get paid. Which puts food on the table and soccer shoes on their feet.
  • With maximum fun: Having joy in what I do with my clients means I won’t have to suck all the joy out of their life when I come home from work.
  • With boundaries: Your projects are very important to me and I’m excited to work on them. But my relationship with my wife and kids is forever.