Getting the Right Volume Settings for Call Recorder for Skype

Ecamm’s Call Recorder for Skype is a popular way for podcasters to record interviews with guests over Skype and maintain separate audio/video tracks for both sides of the conversation. Normally if you tried to record a call on Skype, you’d end up with one audio track with both sides of the conversation which makes it more difficult to adjust levels afterwards – or even edit out parts of conversations/dog noises from your guest’s side of the conversation.

While Call Recorder works great at getting both sides of the conversation into separate, editable tracks it isn’t immediately obvious how you can control the audio level of your guest’s conversation so that your recording isn’t too loud or too quiet.

There’s actually a setting in Skype that you can adjust to make sure that everything sounds sweet – and it’s easier to show you in this 2 minute video than type it all out so watch it on YouTube or view it embedded below:

Use Facebook. But Not Only Facebook.

Outsourcing Your Online Presence to Facebook


Look, I get that I’m the nut who doesn’t want to use Facebook. I’m not even saying don’t post your stuff to Facebook. But if Facebook is the only place you are posting something, know that you are shutting out people like me for no good reason. Go ahead and post to Facebook, but post it somewhere else, too. Especially if you’re running a business. It’s 2017. There are a million ways to get a web site set up inexpensively that you can easily update yourself. Setting up a Facebook page and letting your web site rot, or worse, not even having a web site of your own, is outsourcing your entire online presence. That’s truly insane. It’s a massive risk to your business, and frankly, stupid.

I couldn’t agree more. And despite my obvious bias as someone who builds websites in exchange for money I think it’s ridiculous for a business to rely solely on Facebook or Instagram as their method of communicating.

At the very least, set up a Twitter account for your business so that it can show up in search results and cross-post everything there that you post on Facebook.

One step up would be to register a free Tumblr site that can also cross-post to Facebook for you.

And of course, if you want some help getting a website set up and marketing advice on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and all the other services that come along – do get in touch with me.

Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live Mac App for Facebook Live Streaming

Ecamm, makers of other awesome apps like Call Recorder, have announced a new app that allows you to stream video from your Mac to Facebook called Ecamm Live:

Facebook integration means there’s no need to worry about stream keys or complicated set-up steps. The app takes care of it all.

Ecamm Live

At $29.95USD it’s among the least expensive options to stream out to Facebook Live from your Mac. And knowing Ecamm’s quality software, I’m sure it works as advertised. They’ve got a free trial on their website so you can give it a try before buying.

Google Data Studio Now Free for Everyone

Google announced that they’ve removed the 5 report limit on Google Data Studio:

To enable more businesses to get full value from Data Studio we are making an important change — we are removing the 5 report limit in Data Studio. You now create and share as many reports as you need — all for free.

Google Data Studio is used to pull data from your Google Analytics and Adwords campaigns and create reports that will look good in a presentation given online or in Powerpoint.