Use Facebook. But Not Only Facebook.

Outsourcing Your Online Presence to Facebook


Look, I get that I’m the nut who doesn’t want to use Facebook. I’m not even saying don’t post your stuff to Facebook. But if Facebook is the only place you are posting something, know that you are shutting out people like me for no good reason. Go ahead and post to Facebook, but post it somewhere else, too. Especially if you’re running a business. It’s 2017. There are a million ways to get a web site set up inexpensively that you can easily update yourself. Setting up a Facebook page and letting your web site rot, or worse, not even having a web site of your own, is outsourcing your entire online presence. That’s truly insane. It’s a massive risk to your business, and frankly, stupid.

I couldn’t agree more. And despite my obvious bias as someone who builds websites in exchange for money I think it’s ridiculous for a business to rely solely on Facebook or Instagram as their method of communicating.

At the very least, set up a Twitter account for your business so that it can show up in search results and cross-post everything there that you post on Facebook.

One step up would be to register a free Tumblr site that can also cross-post to Facebook for you.

And of course, if you want some help getting a website set up and marketing advice on how to use Facebook, Twitter, and all the other services that come along – do get in touch with me.

Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live Mac App for Facebook Live Streaming

Ecamm, makers of other awesome apps like Call Recorder, have announced a new app that allows you to stream video from your Mac to Facebook called Ecamm Live:

Facebook integration means there’s no need to worry about stream keys or complicated set-up steps. The app takes care of it all.

Ecamm Live

At $29.95USD it’s among the least expensive options to stream out to Facebook Live from your Mac. And knowing Ecamm’s quality software, I’m sure it works as advertised. They’ve got a free trial on their website so you can give it a try before buying.

Google Data Studio Now Free for Everyone

Google announced that they’ve removed the 5 report limit on Google Data Studio:

To enable more businesses to get full value from Data Studio we are making an important change — we are removing the 5 report limit in Data Studio. You now create and share as many reports as you need — all for free.

Google Data Studio is used to pull data from your Google Analytics and Adwords campaigns and create reports that will look good in a presentation given online or in Powerpoint.


Instagram Updates Your Feed Options

Instagram updated their app today to allow sharing of multiple photos + one video per post:

With this update, you no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember. Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.
In feed, you’ll see blue dots at the bottom of these posts to let you know you can swipe to see more. You can like and comment on them just like a regular post.

If you’re curious why they’re messing with their “one picture” policy, it might have to do with training users to use the ad units Instagram is trying to sell:

Promo Video

YouTube’s Mobile Live Streaming Coming soon

It was only a matter of time before YouTube got into the mobile streaming game with apps like Periscope and Instagram/Facebook Live building large audiences of video streamers. YouTube announced plans to open access to their mobile live streaming capabilities to channels with at least 10,000 subscribers – everyone else will get access “soon”.

Mobile live streaming has been built directly into the YouTube mobile app. All you have to do to start streaming is open YouTube, hit the capture button, and youre live! Streamed videos will have all the same features as regular YouTube videos.

Along with the ability to stream live from your phone, YouTube is also enabling a feature called Super Chat which is a way for people to buy a top spot with a comment on your video:

Anybody watching a live stream can purchase a Super Chat: a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get even more of your favorite creators attention. And Super Chats remain pinned to the top of chat for up to 5 hours, giving more airtime for your messages.

I’m glad to see YouTube is taking the time to get mobile streaming right. With the infrastructure and experience of serving up video that YouTube has, it should be a solid platform to use for a business or brand to show what’s happening right now to the world without having to know how to set up OBS or buy Wirecast.

If you’re curious about how live streaming video could help your business, talk to me and I can tell you if it’s right for you.