Reflecting on 2021

It’s kind of wild to me that as I wrap up work for 2021, I’m finishing it off by editing ShopTalk Show – the podcast that I started this “editing podcasts for a living” journey with. I’ve been blessed by amazing clients – past + present – who enable me to love what I do.

Before stumbling into podcast editing, I would build websites for clients but spend the whole time dreaming of being able to do my own thing… following some entrepreneurial dream to be a YouTube creator, podcaster, video game tutorial maker, blogger, etc.

And part of it is maturity and life experiences, but a big part is finding something that I really enjoy doing. Taking ShopTalk Show as an example – I’ve been listening to the same 2 dudes (+ guests) for almost 400 episodes?? And I still love it.

This year I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to parlay the audio work into video work with fun people like Jason Lengstorf, among others, and that’s come at a perfect time to force me to sharpen my skills and learn new tricks rather than relying on what I already know.

All this to say: I was reflecting, as one does this time of year, on the tremendous blessing of being able to do what I love. And not in a “burn everything else down so that I can live out my dreams” kind of way. Though there were some very, very, lean years along the way.

Thank you for reading this far along, and following along on the various social media channels I burp and fart out on, and I really hope and pray you get the opportunity to do what you love whether through career, or a hobby, or both. 💕

p.s. Please get you and your family vaccinated / boosted 💉and be safe! 😷

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