Hits 600 Episodes + Joins Sentry

Hitting 100 episodes is a huge milestone for many podcasts. But earlier this week one of my clients,, hit 600 episodes. That’s amazing and would be worth celebrating just for that fact alone.

But as part of Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos’ 600th episode, they also announced that Syntax is joining Sentry. Listen to the episode for their conversation with Sentry founder and CTO David Cramer about the how, why, and what it all means for the popular web development podcast. Sentry’s blog has details as well:

A lot of our inspiration for Syntax stems from the early days of the internet when it was a place full of organic culture, ideas, and most importantly, curiosity. Many of us reminisce about the glory days of web forums and personal blogs that looked like your cool neighborhood dive bar instead of the bland, cookie-cutter chain restaurant that has inevitably emerged. For me, Syntax is a reminder of that beloved neighborhood institution with true character and is one that we want to continue building upon.

It’s been an honour and privilege to work on the Syntax podcast for almost 200 episodes. Wes and Scott’s hard work on Syntax is a testament to the biggest “hack” in podcasting: Show up consistently over a long enough period of time and good things will happen. With 3 episodes per week – a short “Hasty”, longer “Tasty”, and a third “Supper Club” interview episode added recently, there’s a lot of web knowledge and BBQ tips being dropped each week on Syntax.

p.s. If you’ve read this far and you’re a Syntax listener, then you know what to try and do with this:


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