Where Should You Host Your Podcast? Black Friday Deal Edition

I want to let you know that for the first time – ever I believe – my friends over at Transistor.fm are having a Black Friday sale.

Here’s the quick version: sign up for their annual plan and you’ll get 20% off one year of podcast hosting.

Video Version

Listen to me talk about Transistor’s annual pricing deal.

Direct link to the video on YouTube.

One way of looking at it is if you’ve been thinking about getting a podcast going: this is the perfect way to give yourself two and a half months of runway before you’d have to start paying for your hosting. (20 percent of 12 is 2.4 if my math is right?)

Go here and you’ll automagically get the pricing discount until 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

And yes… I get some affiliate credit for sending you over to Transistor if you use my link. It helps keep the lights on and food on my table, but that’s not really why I’m recommending this.

I run my business editing podcasts, and honestly one of the biggest barriers for a lot of indie podcasters is getting over the hurdle of paying for podcast hosting. Free podcast hosts come and go. And they’re fine for trying out an idea. But if you’re somewhat serious about podcasting, then I really encourage you to check out Transistor for your podcast.

Also: if you’ve got a podcast hosted elsewhere, you can get this pricing as well and the awesome people at Transistor will help you move your podcast over. Or if you’re an existing Transistor customer, you can get this price if you’re paying monthly and move to an annual plan.

Here’s a few reasons to check out Transistor:

You can host multiple podcasts for that one price.

If you want to add a new podcast to your plan – or try out a podcast with a friend – no need to worry about adding more costs to your plan. With one price you can host unlimited podcasts on Transistor.

They’ve got 24/7 live customer support.

No zombies on their support team. All 100% live human beings. And they’re responsive, kind, and smart to boot!

They’ve got awesome analytics!

Podcast distribution.

They take all the work out of distributing your podcast to all the podcast aggregators… Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Pocket Casts, Overcast… all the casts basically.

You can create private podcasts!

So if you’ve got a special podcast you want to make just for that special someone – “Hi mom! Hope you’re having a nice time on the beach with dad while we’re stuck in the snow and ice of winter!” – or maybe you want to create an internal podcast just for your company, or clients – you can do that on Transistor.

Dynamic Audio Insertion with Transistor

The coolest thing Transistor just added is Dynamic Audio Insertion. Which is a fancy way of saying “Add some audio to the beginning or end of my already published episodes for me automagically”. Why would you want to care about Dynamic Audio Insertion? Well let’s say your podcast is rolling along with 10 episodes and a sponsor comes along and wants to throw money at you to advertise on your podcast. Normally you’d say “Sure… let’s work out a deal for the next 30 episodes at $300 an episode.” With Dynamic Audio Insertion – DAI – you can also offer to add their sponsor spot to the episodes you’ve already published without any extra work on your part. Transistor takes care of all the audio processing. Which basically means you get paid more money for content you’ve already published for almost no effort.

Sign Up On Transistor’s Annual Plan

If you’ve got a podcast idea you’ve been itching to try out, set yourself up in 2022 with a great podcast host on a great deal and make it happen.

Sign up here for Transistor’s annual plan and get 20% off the price for your first year of podcast hosting.

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