Learn With Jason

Official Description

Learn With Jason is live, hands-on learning with brilliant teachers from the web community every Tuesday & Thursday.

Sample Episodes

How it Works

  • Jason Lengstorf hosts a livestream on Twitch two times a week.
  • The videos are recorded and shared over Dropbox.
  • I edit the video, grabbing highlights for the recap video, as well as inserting chapter markers at important points in the video.
  • I export out a highlight video, along with a cleaned up video version, that gets shared back to the Learn With Jason team via Dropbox.
  • The results are posted to the Learn with Jason YouTube channel and Twitter account.

Where to Listen

You can the weekly live show on the Learn with Jason Twitch channel, highlights on Twitter, or full recaps on the Learn with Jason YouTube channel.

Want Help Editing Your Twitch Livestream?

If you like the idea of handing off editing and production of your video show like Jason Lengstorf, please get in touch with me.