LiftingLindsay’s More Than Fitness

Official Description

Dive into the joy of fitness with Lindsay and other guests exploring how it goes well and beyond the gym floor, the number on the scale, the size of your waist, or the calories you’re counting.

Sample Episodes

How it Works

  • Lindsay records her conversations and interviews in Riverside.
  • Via the Riverside shared access, I grab the recording files.
  • I edit, clean up, add chapter markers, add intro and outro music, and polish up the audio.
  • I set up the episode in Transistor and schedule it to go out.
  • We use a shared Notion document to manage schedule, get feedback, and plan out new episodes.

Where to Listen

You can listen via Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Want Help Editing Your Podcast?

If you like the idea of handing off editing and production of your podcast like Linsdsay does, please get in touch with me.