The Walkthrough

Official Description

The Walkthrough is from the company HomeLight, a resource for real estate agents and anyone involved in the real estate business:

On The Walkthrough, you’ll learn what’s working right now to grow your real estate business. Every episode delivers critical information to help agents like you take your business from good to great to amazing. Get actionable, no-hype advice as host Matt McGee talks with the best real estate agents in the country and esteemed marketing, business, and technology experts.

Sample Episodes

How it Works

  • Host Matt McGee records interviews with his guests.
  • He listens back to the conversation and writes up a script for himself, including the intro, outro, and any voice overs to help explain the conversation and story he’s trying to tell with the episode.
  • Along with his script, he also includes editing notes with timecode stamps that looks something like this:
Editing notes from Matt McGee for Chris Enns of Lemon Productions
  • Matt shares the interview recording, voice over, intros, outros, and any other SFX audio he wants for the episode with me over Google Drive.
  • I edit the audio according to his notes, removing any extra pauses, uhms, ahhs, and other recording artifacts.
  • There’s intro music, a brief sponsor / promo spot, outro, outro music, and then it’s done!
  • I send Matt back an edited, EQ’d, and audio leveled MP3.

If that isn’t enough, Matt even got a t-shirt made with my name on it!

Where to Listen

You can find out more at their website or subscribe in all the usual places: Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Want Help Editing Your Podcast?

If you like the idea of handing off editing and production of your podcast like Matt from HomeLight & The Walkthrough did, please get in touch with me.