The Emamo Show

Official Description

The Emamo Show is from the company Emamo (surprise!), who develop software to help event planners organize and plan their events:

Learn from the world’s best event planners. Bringing people together can change the world, but it’s damn hard! Join us as event planners share their stories and strategies for successful events.

Sample Episodes

How it Works

  • Taylor and Michelle from Emamo conduct the interviews, generally over the internet with Skype or Zoom
  • We have a shared Dropbox folder where the raw audio gets sent to me automagically by the internet tubes.
  • I clean it up, edit anything that needs to be cut, suggest changes, add intro audio, music, and level it out, and make it sound sweet.
  • I send back a finished MP3.
  • They take care of publishing it and writing up the show notes.

Where to Listen

You can find out more at their website or subscribe in all the usual places: Apple Podcasts & Spotify.

Want Help Editing Your Podcast?

If you like the idea of handing off editing and production of your podcast like The Emamo Show did, please get in touch with me.