This isn’t exactly a podcasting related video, but since I love all things Rogue Amoeba I figured it’d be fun to talk about their recently released SoundSource 4 for macOS.

What is SoundSource?

SoundSource is, in their words:

Change the volume and output device for individual apps. Adjust your Mac’s audio device settings and levels instantly, from anywhere. Even apply built-in and third-party audio effects to any audio on your Mac. It’s all possible right from your menu bar, with SoundSource.

My version: SoundSource allows you to control where audio is coming and going on your Mac.

Video Review of SoundSource 4

You can watch the video above or watch it on my YouTube channel.

Getting SoundSource 4

You can download a free trial version of SoundSource 4 from Rogue Amoeba’s website and then buy it for $29USD when you’re ready to purchase. The trial version is fully functional but audio quality starts to degrade after 20 minutes like most other Rogue Amoeba apps.

My Review

If you’re too impatient to watch a 17 minute video on a quality macOS app, then my Too Long Didn’t Watch opinion of SoundSource 4 is:

If you’ve never reached for the little speaker icon in your macOS menu bar, then SoundSource 4 isn’t for you. For everyone else, I think SoundSource 4 is worth picking up to make your Mac life sound sweeter.

Give the trial version a try and I’m sure you’ll find yourself upgrading to the full version.

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