Descript for Audio

Using Descript to Transcribe Multi-track Audio for Podcasters

Descript, a Mac app that does transcription of audio/video, put out an update recently that added support for multi-track audio. It means instead of transcribing an audio conversation between two or more people as one long chunk of text, it breaks it out into what each person says and transcribes each person’s words separate from everyone else’s.

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Want to Start a Podcast? I Can Help!

In my spare time when I’m not helping businesses with building websites and communicating with their clients on the internet, I run a podcast network I confounded with two of my friends from the internet. is the home to a bunch of different podcasts, some of which I’m involved with and plenty of which I’m not – which is the fun part of running a podcast network. I get to help my internet friends get a podcast off the ground.

Which made me think that I should see if anyone in Saskatoon is interested in getting into podcasting for their business. I really believe it’s a vastly under-utilized tool at the local level.

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