Want to Start a Podcast? I Can Help!

In my spare time when I’m not helping businesses with building websites and communicating with their clients on the internet, I run a podcast network I confounded with two of my friends from the internet.

Goodstuff.fm is the home to a bunch of different podcasts, some of which I’m involved with and plenty of which I’m not – which is the fun part of running a podcast network. I get to help my internet friends get a podcast off the ground.

Which made me think that I should see if anyone in Saskatoon is interested in getting into podcasting for their business. I really believe it’s a vastly under-utilized tool at the local level.

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Hello World

http://traffic.libsyn.com/ssktn/tart-thoughts-ep00b.mp3 Download MP3 Summary Hello world – you’re listening to Tart Thoughts from the Lemon – a podcast that talks about the business of running your business online. I’m your…

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