A podcast that’s about 17 episodes old that small business owners (virtual or real) may find interesting is one from Cliff Ravenscraft’s GSPN.TV network called The Virtual Assistant Podcast.


I’ve listened to most of the episodes thus far and have found it to be an interesting window into the world of virtual assistants. I had no idea what was involved in hiring and using a virtual assistant, other than the stereotypical view of outsourcing some part of your business to someone in a foreign country for a much lower wage. And while that’s certainly part of what virtual assistants can be, there’s also a bunch of virtual assistant companies based out of North America including Contemporary VA who sponsor The Virtual Assistant Podcast.

Definitely something to consider, particularly if you’ve got a lot of repetitive tasks or things in your business that you don’t enjoy doing and could easily hand off to an assistant.

Recommended Episode

Episode 4: Interview with Heather from Contemporary VA

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  1. When you work with a Virtual Assistant, you are working with an independent service provider-not an employee. Therefore, how and when you work together isn’t going to look anything like the way you work with an employee.


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