Build Your SaaS

In a bit of a meta podcast – this podcast is about starting a company to host podcasts for other businesses. Jon Buda and Justin Jackson tell all about the ups and downs of running a startup together in 2018. There’s lots of fun back and forth as they both bring very different skills and styles to the business: developer vs. marketer, slow and steady vs. fast and now, American vs. Canadian.

Official Description

What does it take to launch a SaaS in 2018?

Sample episodes

How Does It Work?

  • Justin and Jon each record their end of their conversations.
  • They drop their audio files in a shared Dropbox folder
  • Lemon Productions edits the files, adds in any sponsor reads, background music, and intro/outro music.
  • Then the finished MP3 gets sent back via Dropbox.

If you want to check out their new company, you can visit for podcast hosting.

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