Izzy Video is a video podcast that teaches you all about how to shoot, edit and produce video on a Mac using Final Cut Studio. Awhile ago he turned it, and a few other podcasts he produces, into his full time gig.

He does this by charging a membership fee in order to get access to all the episodes, both upcoming and the episodes in the archives. Once every 4 episodes (approximately) he gives away an episode for free. This allows people to check out the videos as well as keeps his podcast feed higher up in the iTunes ranking since people are still able to get worthwhile content out of it.

He has recently started a new podcast, Foolish Adventure, where he and a cohost (Tim Conley) will explore the details and options available to someone interested in starting an Internet based business.

They hope to be able to keep it free, but judging by Izzy’s other podcasts, it’s certainly possible that he’ll change it to a free/paid model at some point in the future.


Check out The Foolish Adventure on iTunes.

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