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For this episode I finish up my series on the what, why, who, when, and where of podcasting with a brief recap as well as reporting back on the responses to my poll of when people listen to podcasts.

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Recapping the Series

So this episode is the end of the series I started back in episode 6 with defining what a podcast is. If you’re just joining the show now, it’s probably worth going back and listening to episodes 6 through 10 to get caught up.

In episode 7 I talked about the why of podcasting – why do people or businesses start a podcast these days?

Episode 8 was all about who should start podcasting. And if you’re still listening to this podcast, the answer is probably you!

For episode 9 I talked about when you should start and when you should publish your podcast. Timing is everything and you don’t want to overcommit to an idea or not follow through on what you say you’ll deliver and disappoint listeners.

And then last episode I talked about where and how you should host your podcast.

What About That Poll?

Going back to episode 9 for a brief moment, I had sent out a poll in that episode and I wanted to update you on what the data was from all the responses I got.

Basically the questions were around when people listen to podcasts as a way of trying to figure out when it would be best to release your podcast episodes each week.

With 14 responses, I wouldn’t say it’s enough data to draw any serious conclusions but it’s still interesting to look at.

The first question was What day of the week do you prefer to listen to podcasts on? and almost everybody picked every day of the week, Monday to Friday, with half choosing Saturday Sunday. Which makes sense. Lots of folks use podcasts as part of their commute to or from work, or even at work. Or when their kids are at school. Weekends are when you’re getting other stuff done.

The second question was What time of day do you generally listen to podcasts? and the majority, 11, picked early morning / commute to work. I had a few people tell me afterwards that there wasn’t a commute home from work option – something to remind for next time.

The third question was What kind of podcast do you wish was out there but haven’t been able to find yet? – and this was a fill in the blank answer so there were a variety of responses including:

  • True Crime or criminal investigations outside US, for example Japan, etc
  • One that interview only businesses that have reached $1M in ARR
  • Cleaning Tips
  • More documentary series’ (THAT AREN’T MURDER AND TRUE CRIME) like “The Dream.”
  • I wish there was a podcast about raising kids on the Autism Spectrum.
  • Special parenting topics
  • good movies reviews… more history podcasts
  • Interviews with micro-influencers

So there’s some possible ideas for any of you looking to start a podcast.

The fourth question was What podcast do you listen to that you find yourself recommending most often? and again this was a fill in the blank style answer:

  • Earl Grey Podcast – I think this is a Star Trek podcast, not a tea podcast.
  • It changes constantly but currently it’s Patient Zero from NHPR
  • NewsWorthy
  • Collecting Cars
  • Build Your SaaS and How I Built This (to non techie folk)
  • The place we find ourselves
  • Depends on the context. Lately I’ve been recommending Akimbo a lot.
  • Hidden Brain
  • Daily Tech News Show
  • Criminal
  • All of the bootstrapping podcasts
  • 20000 Hz
  • The Daily

The fifth question was How interested are you in starting a podcast? and people were asked to answer on a scale from 0 – 10, with 10 being “starting one” and 0 being “not interested” – half, 7, people said a 10, that they were starting one. with 4 showing varying degrees of interest in starting one and 3 not really interested.

The final question was Want to subscribe to my email newsletter? and I’m happy to say that 10 out of 14 said yes.

So that’s interesting?

There’s lots of things I want to talk about in future episodes of this podcast – things like:

  • How to record a podcast with someone on the other side of the country, or the world?
  • How to build anticipation for a new podcast launch
  • Ways to breath new life into a podcast that you’re getting tired of doing.
  • How to find guests for your podcast to interview.
  • Deciding on the format for your podcast.
  • Simple ways to improve the audio on your next recording
  • Should you make a video version of your podcast for YouTube?
  • How to prepare for an interview when you’re a guest? Or when you’re the host?
  • What’s my workflow for creating a podcast?

If you’ve got questions about podcasting you’d like me to cover, here’s your chance to get them on my to do list.

Got Questions for a Future Episode?

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I hope you enjoy the podcast. I’m excited to continue telling both my own story in podcasting as well as answer your questions about podcasting. I’ve been podcasting for almost 10 years and it’s awesome to see how it’s grown and changed over the years. I continue to believe that it’s one of the best ways to engage and communicate with your audience, fans, or potential customers.

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