Surprise! 🎉 I’ve got my own podcast (finally). It’s all about podcasting (surprise!) and the fun of running a business in the world of podcasting. New episodes will drop, as the kids say, every Friday afternoon.

You can check out the website for it at or hit up the subscribe page to subscribe to the show in your favorite app. Here’s the subscribe link for some of the popular apps:

For the first episode – which is actually the 6th episode – I’m starting a series on the what, why, who, when, and where of podcasting. First up: What is a Podcast?

You can listen right here on the site thanks to Transistor’s sweet embedded player – in dark mode (cue dramatic music):

Why Didn’t You Use a WordPress Plugin?

Podcast nerds will notice that my podcast isn’t hosted inside of WordPress at all. I’m actually using the built-in website provided by, my podcast hosting platform of choice.

The main reason is because I want to podcast – not manage a website for podcasting. Plugins break. WordPress falls over. Web hosting goes down. I’d rather rely on Justin and Jon (co-founders of to worry about that stuff so I can focus on the thing I want to actually do: record a podcast about podcasting.

I believe a website is an important thing to have for a podcast. But the reality is that so many of the top podcasts have awful websites. Which doesn’t mean you should give up on having a nice website – but also a lot of time, energy, and frustration is wasted on a website for a podcast instead of doing the actual podcast. And while there are still more people than you think who listen to podcast episodes on websites and not in apps, those kinds of folks don’t generally care what the website looks like or have any allegiance to it’s branding. They just know to click the link in the email or Facebook post each time an episode comes out and sit and listen.

p.s. Want to subscribe to just such an email? You can do so right here, right now:

Why Are You Telling Us on Episode 6?

It’s not for the myth of “having 3 episodes published so that you get more downloads and higher rankings in Apple Podcasts”. I just wanted to make sure I was actually going to do the podcast regularly before I told the world about it. It’s much easier (and less embarrassing) to try it out for 3-5 episodes and make sure it’s going to stick than to tell the world about something, only to stop doing it 2 episodes later because you don’t enjoy it.

Got Questions for a Future Episode?

If you’d like to send in a question for a future episode, there’s a few different ways to do it:

I hope you enjoy the podcast. I’m excited to continue telling both my own story in podcasting as well as answer your questions about podcasting. I’ve been podcasting for almost 10 years and it’s awesome to see how it’s grown and changed over the years. I continue to believe that it’s one of the best ways to engage and communicate with your audience, fans, or potential customers.

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