Troubleshooting the Internet With… Leo Dion

Leo Dion joins me to talk about the apps he’s built, including one to help live stream your heart rate, the Nintendo Switch games his family are enjoying, and the debate over whether this is really what it feels like to work from home and how some folks just don’t get asynchronous communication.

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At this point I’m intentionally not doing this as a audio only podcast just to try something different. But if you’d be interested in listening vs watching, let me know in the comments down below!

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What Is This?

Troubleshooting the Internet with… is a recorded live most Wednesday afternoons. Every Wednesday Chris is joined by a random friend from the internet and together they try and troubleshoot whatever problems the internet presents them with.

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How Does Live Streaming Work?

It may seem really complicated to stream video from my computer + a random guest out to the 4 different sites at the same time, but thanks to some software, it actually makes it quite easy to do.

Ecamm Live takes care of the actual streaming and also automatically pulls in video+audio from Skype when I have a guest on. It serves as a video switcher as well so I can switch from a “coming soon” screen, to a shot of just me, to a shot of my guest, to a shot of me and my guest, to a shot of my desktop – or any combination of the above.

From Ecamm Live, I can choose a single destination to stream to such as Twitch or YouTube – but by using a service called Restream I can send the video + audio from Ecamm Live on my computer out to Restream, which then sends my video + audio on to multiple services for me.

That’s how easy it is to look like a video streaming professional! Check out Ecamm Live if you’re on a Mac and interested in trying live streaming.

If you’re on a Windows PC – or now Mac as well! – you can check out Streamlabs OBS for an alternative option. Though it’s not nearly as easy to pull in a guest call with Streamlabs OBS.

If you’d like help getting set up with live streaming on your Mac, book a consulting call with me and I’d love to help you get unstuck!

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