Over on my podcast about podcasting, Show Me Your Mic, my co-host Kyle and I talked about Kyle’s recent experience recording a couple of episodes of The Official Untappd Podcast live at The Great American Beer Festival.

Okay, so I’m flying out from California. What do I bring? What’s going to be the like most minimal setup that I can bring?

Kyle’s got lots of great advice and tips for anyone thinking about recording a podcast in front of an audience:

  • Gear to bring
  • What to think about when prepping the space for the recording
  • How to approach a venue about doing a live podcast recording
  • What a podcast editor’s view on a live recording and tips to make that process easier

Listen to the episode here:

And if you’re curious how the result of this recording sounded, you can check out episode 30 and episode 31 of The Official Untappd Podcast for yourself.

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In the episode I hint at a new podcast that I’m building here for Lemon Productions. What would you like to hear about podcasting from a podcast editor/producer/consultant? And more importantly: what should I call my podcast?! Leave a comment below if you’ve got an answer for me.

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