The @atU2 Podcast

You may want to argue whether U2 is the greatest band of the last 100 years or the greatest band of all time, but you can’t argue about whether The @U2 Podcast has an amazing worldwide audience of U2 fans that tune in each week to live stream broadcasts or download the episodes later.

Official Description

Talking all things U2 including new album news, tour dates, commentary, and community discussions from the staff of @U2.

Sample episodes

How Does It Work?

  • Chris Enns co-hosts this show with various member of the staff.
  • The live recording typically has 3-5 guests on, a chat room of listeners giving feedback and commentary during the recording, and almost no appearances by any actual members of U2 (so far!).
  • After the live recording, Chris Enns edits together any extra interviews or soundbites, puts together the show notes, and publishes the podcast on

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Testimonial from Matt McGee

We did a really fun podcast years ago, but it eventually became more work than we could handle ourselves and we shut it down. Then we found Chris Enns and decided to give podcasting another try with him at the helm, handling the direction and post-production and all the details that take a good podcast and make it great. Chris frees us up to focus on the content and we don?t have to worry at all about the technical side of doing a weekly show.