ShopTalk Show

Producing episodes of The ShopTalk Show is a lot of fun because Chris and Dave have so much fun recording their popular web design/development podcast. They’re not afraid to mess around with the structure of their podcast from week to week – which keeps me on my editing toes. From 2 person back and forth discussions to 5+ person panel discussions, each episode of ShopTalk Show is full of audio goodness.

Official Description

An internet radio show about the internet starring Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.

Most Recent Episode:

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How Does It Work?

  • Dave and Chris record the podcast and send their, and guests, recorded tracks to Chris Enns for editing, EQ’ing, sometime-sound-effect adding, show note taking, and jingle-fying.
  • Chris Enns then sends back the finished MP3 along with show notes ready for publishing.

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