mmhmm Can Spice Up Your Zoom Calls

If your Zoom calls and remote presentations to your team are getting a little tired and boring, you should check out mmhmm which just came out of beta with v1 of the app.

Level up your remote presentations. Make high-quality video content in minutes. Mmhmm turns your laptop into a full video production studio.

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mmhmm – which is a funny app name to have to say out loud – is an app you run that becomes your camera inside of Zoom, Meet, or Skype calls. So instead of picking your FaceTime camera as the camera, you choose mmhmm as the camera. The fancy term for this is a “virtual camera” and it’s a growing market for sure on the Mac with other apps like Ecamm Live and OBS both offering this as a feature as well.

What makes mmhmm a little more confusing for some folks is that it’s presentation software – but you don’t create your presentation inside of it. You still use Keynote or Powerpoint to put slides together, which you can then import into mmhmm – alongside any videos, GIFs, sharing your screen, or sharing your iPhone demo of Apple Arcade games you dig – anything you may want to do as part of your full presentation.

Think of it as a camera in the conference room where in normal times you’d be giving your 4th quarter sales projection numbers presentation, except now you have to do it from your home while your kid is screaming “backpack!” because Dora and Boots told them to shout “backpack!”

It’s easiest to go hit up the download page on mmhmm and try it out, but here’s a few screenshot of how it looks in action:

mmhmm Screenshots


Thanks to @MarketingRX on Twitter for asking this important question:

mmhmm is free to use, but if you want the premium features in the Presenter / Room options, you need to pay $9.99USD/month or $99USD/year for mmhmm.

Check out mmhmm and be sure to invite me to your next presentation.

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