While chatting with Tenille I noticed her Twitter page hadn’t been updated to the new Twitter profile. She asked me how to do that so here’s what I told her.

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Steps to Update Your Twitter Profile to the New Profile Image

Visit this page: twitter.com/settings/design.

If you’re not already logged in to your Twitter account, you’ll have to do that first. Then you should see something like this:

New Twitter Profile Setup

Scroll down to the section labelled Customize your own.

Customize your own

Click on Change header

You’ll be prompted to choose an image from your hard drive. This image should be something that’s at least 1,200 pixels wide by 600 pixels high, otherwise it will get shrunk/squished to fill the space Twitter wants to use the image for.

Recommended dimensions of 1200 – 600. Maximum file size of 5MB

Just so you can try something out, I’ve created an empty sample image for you to use – click here to view and download the image to your computer – but you’ll want to come up with something more appropriate for your brand/image.

Alternatively, you can visit twitrCovers.com to find a nice header already sized appropriately.

Once you select an image it will upload.

Adjust size if necessary.

Twitter allows you to zoom in or out on your image to create an appropriately shaped image.

View your profile.

Sit back and marvel at your new Twitter profile. Or check out mine @lemonproduction or my personal account @ichris.

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