How to Record Multiple Tracks with Audio Hijack

When you’re recording a conversation for a podcast, you want high quality, uncompressed AIFF recordings of each side of the conversation – your mic on one track, your guest’s audio from Skype or Zoom on another track. But what if you want to also record a track that has both of your audio together in a compressed MP3 that you can quickly send off to an editor or play back on your iPhone while you go for a walk to listen to the conversation and make notes for the editing – or for your editor. (Hire me!)

In this Audio Hijack tutorial video, I’m answering my client & friend Matt’s question about that exactly – can you record with Audio Hijack and have high quality AIFFs + a unified MP3 to share?

The answer is yes – despite what I jokingly say at the start of this video. (Embedded above or via this direct link to the video on my YouTube channel.)

If you don’t already own it, you can try and then buy Audio Hijack for macOS from Rogue Amoeba. And then be sure to check out my YouTube playlist for Audio Hijack to learn all about this amazing app for podcasters and audio nerds.

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