Ecamm released version 2 of their Mac app Ecamm Live which makes it easy to stream video to Facebook Live and now just about anything.

This is a major update to our Facebook Live streaming app, with additions such as Skype integration, live camera switching, split screens and saved scenes.

Ecamm Live is a user friendly – and budget friendly – way to stream video from your Mac to Facebook Live. And with version 2, Ecamm added support for custom RTMP servers which means you can stream to anything else you might want to as well including Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, or a service like Restream which allows you to stream almost anywhere.

Quick Review of Ecamm Live

What I really like about Ecamm Live is how easy it is to get up and streaming. You authenticate the app with your Facebook account, pick a Facebook page or account you want to stream to, and go live. It’s almost as easy as using the Facebook iOS app to live stream, except you get all the powerful features of a desktop app like:

  • Multiple camera/shot support
  • Layers for text, photos, or sharing your desktop
  • Adding guests to your stream via Skype
  • Adding pre-recorded video to your live stream

With software like this, it’s always easier to show than type about it. So watch the video below and then be sure to check out the live video on Facebook that I streamed with the help of Justin Jackson.

Watch the Video Walk Through of Ecamm Live 2

Direct link to the video

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