Facebook recently added the ability to schedule a post to appear – so you can have something appear at a specific time without having to be at your computer or smartphone to post it.

For example, you might want to post an update of a promotion ending at 6pm without having to make sure you\’re there to post it. Or have a new product announcement go out at specific time.

Here\’s how.

Video Version

For those of you who prefer to see how it\’s done with a screencast, watch this:

Otherwise follow the screenshots and step by step below.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook page and start a status update:


Step 2

Click on the clock icon in the bottom left corner and + Add year will appear.


Step 3

Once you choose a year, + Add month will appear.


Step 4

You should get the idea here but just so I don\’t put all these fancy screenshots to waste, we\’l keep going.

Choose a month.


Step 5

Choose a day.


Step 6

Choose an hour.


Step 7

Choose a minute.


Step 8

Write your post if you haven\’t already.


Step 9

Once you click Schedule, details of your scheduled post will appear in a pop-up.


Step 10

When you click View Activity Log you can see a summary of scheduled posts that you have.



That\’s it. Your post is scheduled and you can go have a sip of coffee or your favourite beverage.

I was writing up the steps for a client, Laurel of Sapphire Concierge, when I thought I\’d make a quick screencast to also show the steps to write a blog post. Might as well have a little bit of fun with training, right?

Your favourite beverage may vary. Substitute whatever is appropriate. I recorded this on a hot day so it was iced coffee for me.

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It\’s a responsive designed theme which is geek speak for it adjusting to different devices like an iPad or desktop browser auto-magically.

A bit of downtime between projects as well as an obsessive need to tinker and play with things led me to changing the site around.

More thoughts later – now, back to work!