If you’re at all interested in podcasting and the business behind it, you absolutely need to listen to this interview with Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline.com by Izzy and Tim, the two guys behind The Foolish Adventure website and podcast.


Don McAllister is one of the first people I came across that was charging money for podcasting and instructional screencasts. It was through him that I discovered Izzy Video, who started doing instructional video podcasts on how to shoot video and who based his business model on what Don McAllister was doing.

Lots of great nuggets of tips and inside info for anyone interested in developing a new media based business or incorporating podcasting or screen casts into their existing business.

One indispensable piece of software that I use both personally as well as in my day job is a project/time management software package called Basecamp. First, a quote from 37 Signals, the company that made Basecamp:

For years project management software was about charts, graphs, and stats. And you know what? It didn

Dan Benjamin, host on the 5by5.tv podcast network, conducts a great interview with Greg Storey on all things business.

It should be required listening for those on both sides of the design, development and marketing of web work. There’s lots of great tips and info for everyone involved from Greg, who’s experienced the slow and steady growth of a design firm he started, Air Bag Industries to merging with Happy Cog, one of the most well known web design firms.

Of note is a great discussion on estimating for projects – again, both sides of the process need to listen to be able to understand the process better.

Biz Stone is the co-founder of Twitter (follow Lemon Productions here) and had this to say in a blog post about the perceived overnight success of Twitter:

Timing, perseverance, and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success. Surrounding yourself with smart people you like to work with helps immeasurably. We’ve got a long road ahead and I’m looking forward to another ten years.

In the online world, where virtual things seem to happen virtually overnight – it’s good to remember that success takes a lot of work, hard work and doesn’t really happen overnight.