Descript, a Mac app that does transcription of audio/video, put out an update recently that added support for multi-track audio. It means instead of transcribing an audio conversation between two or more people as one long chunk of text, it breaks it out into what each person says and transcribes each person’s words separate from everyone else’s.

Download Descript and try it out here and we’ll both get an extra 100 minutes free.

I stand by my initial review of Descript:

…I can say that if you’re wanting to roll your own transcriptions of podcasts or videos, it’s the best app I’ve tried for transcribing.

The multi-track feature only makes it that much easier for someone who is reading transcripts to follow along plus improves your SEO ability on a podcast or video embed page.

Watch the Video of Reviewing Descript Multi-track Support

Direct link to the video

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