Creating New Courses – Help Me Decide the Order I Should Build Them In

I sent this out to my 🍋 newsletter yesterday – sign up here! – and now I’m putting the question to the readers of my blog:

What Should I Do Next?

Pick one (or all) of the 3 courses listed below that I’m doing and sign up to be notified when they’re ready. Whichever course gets the most signups over the next couple of weeks will be the one I do first.

Vote with your email address and your heart:

By signing up you’re putting a bit of social pressure on me to finish these things AND you’ll also get a discount code emailed to you when the courses are ready to be launched.

Curious What the Courses Will Look Like?

To give you an idea of what the courses will look like – and as thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this blog post – you can use coupon code “NEWCOURSESCOMING” to get my Snapchat 101 course for free! (or click this link and have it automatically applied.)

Thanks for your help and I can’t wait to get these courses out to you!

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