I love podcasting and think it can be a great addition to almost any business.

Clubhouse and Social Audio Apps

Clubhouse on iPhone
Clubhouse is a new type of social app - a social networking audio app - that allows you to talk with people in front of a virtual audience of listeners. It's been in development for a few months but has had crazy growth in the last couple of months as it's become the hot new thing.

Troubleshooting the Internet With… Leo Dion

Leo Dion joins me to talk about the apps he's built, including one to help live stream your heart rate, the Nintendo Switch games his family are enjoying, and the debate over whether this is really what it feels like to work from home and how some folks just don't get asynchronous communication.

Troubleshooting the Internet With… Susan Boles

Susan Boles joins me to talk about how she uses tools like Paperform, Clickup, Zapier, Xero, and more to automate her business and how other small business owners can benefit from experimenting with a bit of automation.