Who Should Podcast?

Time for a new episode of The Story Behind the Lemon, my podcast about podcasting and the fun of running a business in the world of podcasting. (New episodes drop, as the kids say, every Friday afternoon.)

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For this episode I’m answering the question: Who should start a podcast?

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The reason being should be fairly obvious. Anyone can do a podcast. That’s one of the beautiful things about podcasting. As long as you have a computer, phone, or tablet of modern enough vintage that it has a built in mic and can connect to the internet, you can have a podcast.

Like I said in the previous episode about Why you should consider starting a podcast, there are plenty of great reasons why. And we could argue until we’re blue in the face as to whether someone should start a podcast.

But these days, with so much communication moving to texts, GIFs, and social media posts where we shout things at our followers but rarely engage in much conversation, I think podcasting is a great way to gather some friends, work colleagues, or even your enemies and talk things out. Talk about your favorite movies, the stupid things you did in school, what makes your business so awesome, what your organization is doing to help those in need, answer questions from your community or fans, talk about your favorite YouTube videos, the Twitch streams you’re loving… how you plan to become a TikTok superstar.

Besides all the business and marketing reasons to start a podcast – which, by the way, if you work for a business or are curious about how podcasting can help your marketing efforts, please get in touch with me at lemonproductions.ca/contact – but besides all the business stuff – podcasting is just fun. If your friends or family have moved far away, you can still do a podcast together. It’s actually a great way to have a scheduled conversation with someone for no reason other than you’re going to record a podcast together. I did this with my brother – in law when he was living in Australia. We’d record our conversation talking about how each of our business’ were doing, challenges we faced, interesting social media or marketing tips we thought might work for each other.

So who should start a podcast?

You should. You’re most likely listening to this because you have some sort of interest in podcasting. Unless you’re really confused because you thought this was about how to start a lemon farm. Sorry about that.

Email your friend. Come up with a name – by the way, naming your podcast is 2019’s version of naming your band when I was in high school. Design some podcast artwork – just a big square that’s 3000 pixels wide, and fire up Garageband on your Mac or something ugly but functional on a Windows computer and start your podcast. Sign up for a Transistor.fm account and you’ve got yourself a podcast.

You’ve got lots of time to learn about editing, branding, marketing your podcast, gear you should use. That’s all the easy part. The hard part is hitting record and uploading it to Transistor for someone else in the world to hear.

Once you’re done episode 1 you can listen to it, get feedback from friends, improve the things you can afford to, and get started on episode 2. Your listeners are waiting.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast. I’m excited to continue telling both my own story in podcasting as well as answer your questions about podcasting. I’ve been podcasting for almost 10 years and it’s awesome to see how it’s grown and changed over the years. I continue to believe that it’s one of the best ways to engage and communicate with your audience, fans, or potential customers.

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