Ways to Make Money with Your Podcast – Episode 13

Time for a new episode of The Story Behind the Lemon, my podcast about podcasting and the fun of running a business in the world of podcasting. (New episodes drop, as the kids say, every Friday afternoon.)

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In this episode I talk about ways you can make money with your podcast.

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How Can You Make Money With Your Podcast?

Ok so this episode was inspired by a conversation that happened inside of a community I’m a part of called Megamaker. Joshua had asked about how much to charge for sponsorship opportunities on his new podcast and Justin, who runs Megamaker, chimed in response with a link to a post on his Transistor.fm website that has a lot of great info and tips. I jokingly said I was going to read it for the next episode of my podcast and he responded with “do it!” which I’m taking as legally binding and that he won’t sue me for copyright or anything.

Read the original article on Transistor’s website here: https://transistor.fm/make-money-podcasting

If you’ve got questions about podcasting you’d like me to cover, here’s your chance to get them on my to do list.

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I hope you enjoy the podcast. I’m excited to continue telling both my own story in podcasting as well as answer your questions about podcasting. I’ve been podcasting for almost 10 years and it’s awesome to see how it’s grown and changed over the years. I continue to believe that it’s one of the best ways to engage and communicate with your audience, fans, or potential customers.

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