It may be a slow death, but it\’s happening. The idea that you can somehow manipulate or cheat Google and other search engines into finding your website is going the way of the dodo.

Google used to think if you linked to someone on the Internet they must have valuable content. Now Google seems to believe that if you promote content with social media it is more indicative of relevant content and less likely to be faked.

The bottom line is that all SEO efforts are counterfeit other than one:

Writing, designing, recording, or videoing real and relevant content that benefits those who search.

If you generate content and place it all over the web promoting and linking to your specific content, it is obviously fake. (And that is basically the SEO industry, both black and white.)

From a article titled The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content by Ken Krogue

The Continuing Rise of Social

The bottom line is that social (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) continue to be emphasized over the traditional means of links.

Which means that for business owners with websites and website builders like me we need to be building sites that are of value, have useful content and help people – not search engines – find what they need and, most importantly, then want to tell their friends on whatever social network they choose about our website.

Which you\’d think would be easier now considering how quick it is to post something to Twitter or a status update on Facebook compared to writing out a blog post – but it somehow can feel like even more of a personal recommendation and so people have to be really motivated to want to spend some of their social currency on promoting your website to their followers.

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