Editing & Production

Cutting out the fat and exporting it to MP3.

I love editing and producing podcasts.

Probably more than you do even. Which is why you should hire me — I’ll take care of it so you can work on the things you love to do.

Wouldn’t You Love to Be Able to Do This?

Listen to audio from my clients above to hear it in action – but imagine this scenario: You’re recording your podcast. Someone messes up. Instead of having to create a marker or write down a timecode you just stop and say “Hey Chris… can you cut that last part out where we went off the rails?” and then continue your conversation knowing that your momentary mouth mixup will never be heard by your listeners.

Full Podcast Editing & Audio Production

Here’s a few ways I can help you with your podcast:

  • Editing content per your specifications (if appropriate) or mine (if you desire).
  • Audio-production enhancements, including vocal compression, noise reduction, vocal balancing, hiss/hum removal, and EQ’ing.
  • Adding any intros, outros, sponsor reads, or music bumpers.
  • Mixing down to -16 LUFS (stereo) / -19 LUFS (mono) audio standard for podcasts.
  • Converting to MP3.
  • Tagging the MP3 file with the proper ID3 Meta Tags.
  • Adding Album Art, Title, and SEO Tags.
  • Completed MP3 delivered to either your Dropbox folder or media host.

Contact me so we can discuss your specific needs and create a package tailored for you.