In 2008, Merlin Mann was on the CBC Radio show Spark talking with host Nora Young about the hows/whys/whats/whos of blogging – whether it’s personally to talk about your cat or if you’re looking to setup a blog for your business to reach new customers.

2+ years later, the advice definitely holds up for anyone looking to start a blog today. I particularly like the advice from part 1:

Identify 10 humans beings whose names you know that you wish read your blog. Then imagine, imagine if only one person in the entire world read your blog. Who would that be?

Rather than just trying to “attract the internet” to your blog – imagine what your ideal reader is like. Then write to try and impress that imaginary (or real) reader.

Topics Covered

  • Prelude: What Makes a Good Blog?
  • Part 1: Consider Your Audience
  • Part 2: Manage Expectations
  • Part 3: Get Better
  • Part 4: Attract an Audience
  • Part 5: Q & A

Listen and Learn

You can listen on the site directly or grab the entire series in one zip file.

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