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I’ve been on the hunt for a good (and relatively inexpensive) app to use on my iPhone that would enable me to use the fancy iPhone cameras alongside Ecamm Live for any of the livestreams I do for fun or product demos.

And thanks to my buddy Dave Mosher, I’ve finally found it!

Full Screen Camera for iOS

And the best part about the app is that it’s free! Actually free. Not free with a bunch of ads. Just free. How often does that happen these days?

Check out Full Screen Camera in the App Store and fire up your copy of Ecamm Live and you’ll be livestreaming in style in no time!

Do you livestream right now? What’s holding you back from trying it out?

If you’ve got questions or it’s not working for you, leave a comment below.

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Posted by Chris Enns

Hi! I'm the guy behind Lemon Productions. I love to help people use technology and the web to create, promote, and build neat stuff. And especially if it involves podcasting or video.

  1. Can you also use your iPhone as a camera in Ecamm for Live Streaming to Facebook Live?


    1. Yes! You can use it to go live almost anywhere including Facebook Live, Twitch, Periscope, etc.


    2. Also I’d recommend checking out Camo – I demonstrate it in this video on my channel. It’s a much better app for pulling in video from your iPhone or iPad alongside Ecamm Live.


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