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A viewer of my YouTube channel asked me:

I sub your channel and love it. I’ve looked for but haven’t found a tutorial that might answer a very specific audio question. Which app might I use to break down a long audio file of many songs into separate, addressable songs? Background: I have many old homemade audio tapes of music by friends of mine. I have digitized them. But now I want to be able to select individual songs in order to make playlists to play on the LP-FM radio station I founded in my small, rural town. I’ve used Audacity and even FCP to break apart the long files, but this is very cumbersome and time-consuming. I’d bet you have a better idea, perhaps using a Rogue Amoeba app.


He’s right! There is a quick way to do it with Rogue Amoeba’s Fission and the Smart Split feature.

If you’ve got questions or it’s not working for you, leave a comment below.

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