Rogue Amoeba recently updated their excellent audio app for Mac, Audio Hijack, with the ability to broadcast audio. From their blog post:

Using multiple Broadcast blocks in one session, you can stream a high and a low quality broadcast, or in multiple audio formats. You can even easily copy server settings between blocks, with Audio Hijack’s powerful Presets feature.

Rogue Amoeba had an app called Nicecast that was built specifically for streaming. Now that Audio Hijack has it built in, Nicecast has been discontinued. Any Nicecast users should check out this blog post from Rogue Amoeba on how to migrate from Nicecast to Audio Hijack – including possibly saving on the purchase of Audio Hijack.

Audio Only Streaming?

In this era of Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, and other video streaming platforms – audio only streaming seems almost quaint. But it’s still a popular way for musicians/DJ’s to stream out music or for podcasters to livestream their shows to the world.

Watch the Video Walk Through Setting Up Livestream Audio with Audio Hijack

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