I often get asked by clients about Facebook advertising and how to get started with it and so I thought I’d put together a screencast/tutorial video on how Facebook advertising works.

You can go watch part 1 or part 2 on YouTube directly or I’ve embedded them below.

It’s intended to be a general overview of setting up and getting an ad on Facebook – a part 3 is in the works if people are interested on looking at the analytics you get back from running your reports.

I’ve done plenty of other screencasts that I’ve posted to my YouTube channel but never one of this scope so I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts. Too fast? Too slow? Too much information? Not enough? Leave a comment below or visit my contact page to send me something directly.

Part 1

Direct link to Part 1 of my tutorial on How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Part 2

Direct link to Part 2 of my tutorial on How to Get Started with Facebook Advertising

Thanks for watching!

Posted by Chris Enns

Hi! I'm the guy behind Lemon Productions. I love to help people use technology and the web to create, promote, and build neat stuff. And especially if it involves podcasting or video.

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