If you’re just starting out and not even sure if you need podcast editing/production work, or maybe you’re looking for some ideas for what equipment to buy next, troubleshoot issues with Apple Podcasts, or just want someone to bounce a podcast idea off of, we can help you get unstuck.

Book a Consulting Call

This is my response to folks wanting to “just pick my brain”, who’d like troubleshooting for audio/video apps like Audio Hijack, Screenflow, Garageband, and any other podcasting related questions:

What Happens?

  • You’ll see a live view of my availability in your own timezone.
  • Once you pick a day and time, you’ll get an email (and so will I) confirming the details.
  • Within a day or two, I’ll send you a deposit request for 50% of the consulting fee as well as details for how we’ll proceed from there.
  • You pay the deposit.
  • We have a chat over Skype/etc.
  • You’ll get an invoice for the final amount.
  • We’ll celebrate!

You’ll get my focused attention for an hour at a time to deep dive on whatever area you need help with.