Warby Parker 2011 Annual Report

Warby Parker distribute glasses in a customer friendly fashion with free shipping and free returns1.

They\’ve recently put together their annual report for 2011 and rather than distribute it2 using traditional print and PDF methods, they\’ve built a beautiful HTML/CSS/JavaScript based side scrolling report that shows all the important stats on sales, marketing and company culture that anyone might want – all accessible from your browser.


A great way to show off your brand to an audience that might not otherwise read your stuffy PDF.

On the subject of less boring annual reports, worth checking out is Apple\’s new iBooks Author application. If your potential audience or investors are iPad users, this is a great new way to distribute an annual report with images, text, charts and other audio/video.

  1. Free in the United States, $35 for us Canadians. 
  2. Or perhaps as well as. 

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