I’ve been hearing that video is the future of the web for a few years now and maybe in 2018 it will truly come to pass. But the one thing I know is that creating edited video is very intimidating for a lot of people. Which is where Apple’s Clips app can come in handy on your iPhone.

Clips is great at creating videos that make use of videos, still photos, titles, and stickers to tell a story – whether it’s for your business or just for fun with your family. Where Clips really shines is with the transcription service baked in to the app. So videos you record in the app can have whatever you’re saying automatically added to the video which can help with pulling viewers into your video on sites like Facebook where the audio isn’t playing unless the viewer taps to activate audio.

You can see my sample video I created with Clips on my Instagram or embedded below:

The tutorial video below will help you get up and running using Clips in no time creating videos for Instagram or wherever you share videos online.

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Watch the Tutorial Video

Direct link to the video

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