Unboxing, Setting Up, & Reviewing Elgato’s Green Screen

Santa came a little early this year and brought me a Elgato Gaming Green Screen so I thought I’d record an unboxing, set up, and quick review video of how well it works alongside OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) for streaming.

There are plenty of cheap DIY ways to get a green screen for video/photography work but I’m not very good at DIY stuff because it stresses me out to the point that I don’t ever actually DO the D part of DIY. So I thought if Santa wants to bring me one, that’ll save me a lot of DIY’ing stress.

Anyway – on to the video review of the Elgato Gaming Green Screen:

Direct link to the video

You can pick up the Elgato Gaming Green Screen at Amazon or check out Elgato Gaming’s website for more details.

My Review of Elgato’s Green Screen

As I mention in the video, there’s obviously a lot of cheap ways to build yourself a green screen. What I loved about Elgato’s Green Screen is that it’s built really well and feels like I can set it up and roll it back down over and over without worrying about it breaking or falling part on me. The screen is a high quality material that, as long as I can keep my kid’s sticky hands off of, I’m sure will last a long time. I can definitely see myself bringing it on location for photo / video shoots I do for clients – as well as using it on livestreams on our Goodstuff Twitch channel.

If you’re less DIY and more BUY, then this is the green screen to get.

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