Coudal Partners is a design and advertising studio located in Chicago. One of the products they sell is the popular Field Notes Brand memo and notebooks.

So if you’re trying to market a new version of a notebook you sell, what sort of video would you create to convey the quality that goes into each notebook? I’m pretty sure your first thought wouldn’t be the video they created – but I know it goes a long way to convincing me that Coudal puts the utmost care and effort into the creation of their notebooks if they’re willing to put this much effort into the promotional video.

Maybe the most obvious way to market your product isn’t the best way. How could you present a different aspect of your product to highlight the strength, quality or design of your product?

Posted by Chris Enns

Hi! I'm the guy behind Lemon Productions. I love to help people use technology and the web to create, promote, and build neat stuff. And especially if it involves podcasting or video.

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