I mentioned Audio Hijack in a previous post listing all the software I use in creating podcasts. In that post I said:

I think Audio Hijack is one of the coolest and most powerful apps on the Mac for an audio nerd. It can be used to route audio from anywhere to anywhere else — and make sure it gets recorded.

So for this week’s video tutorial I thought I’d record an introduction to Audio Hijack for anyone who’s never tried it. This video will be of particular interest to anyone working in audio but it’s not just for podcasters or audio engineers – Audio Hijack is useful if you’ve ever wanted to record audio from anything on your Mac.

What started out as a quick video on Audio Hijack became almost a 20 minute walk through of a few basic use cases for Audio Hijack:

  • Recording your voice for a solo podcast.
  • Recording audio from a website – i.e. a YouTube video
  • And then combining those two and recording audio from the web alongside your own voice for a voiceover

Watch the Video

Direct link to the video

Audio Hijack will be one of the apps covered in more detail in my Podcasting 101 course which you can sign up for below.

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