Remember two days ago when I published a tutorial video showing how to use Apple Clips? (See the post here) I do! That was fun.

And then yesterday Apple decided to release a brand new version of Clips with new features like selfie scenes for iPhone X, Star Wars content, iCloud syncing, and more.

Me yesterday.

While the principles of what I had in my video still hold true in Clip v2, the user interface changed enough that I felt like I needed to put out an updated video.

Watch My New Apple Clips v2 Tutorial Video

So here’s the brand new video tutorial on Apple Clips version 2. I walk you through how I created a video for my Instagram account announcing the tutorial video – how meta, right?

Direct link to video

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Want More Tutorials Like This?

There’s a few ways:

Leave a comment below if you’ve got a suggestion for the next video tutorial I should make!

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